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Visi Trimma

Visi Trimma

VISI Trimma is the only weight loss product containing our Proprietary Scandinavian Gold Berry Matrix.

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Visi Wellness

Visi Wellness

Visi Wellness is a delicious, all-natural multi-vitamin powder that packs a powerful nutritional punch.

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Visi Energy

Visi Energy

Visi Energy is a delicious, all-natural energy drink that packs a powerful nutritional punch.

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  • Energy!!! Alot of it! I am more focused! I feel less hungry too!!! 2 day on it and I've lost 1lb too:)

    Jessica Hutto Fillmore, Facebook.com/groups/418323688190058/

  • I've been using the new Trimma for about four days now....the lack of hunger is amazing!! And I still feel the wonderful energy that I felt on the previous formula. Visi is a winner!!

    Judy Graham, Facebook.com/groups/418323688190058/

  • After my first ten pounds were gone I didn't lose anymore but also didn't gain which is awesome. Especially with all the parties in December!

    Sharie Hoehner, Facebook.com/groups/418323688190058/

  • Visi has the most helpful and caring members you will ever find anywhere, always willing to help and answer questions!!

    Bill Moukad, Facebook.com/groups/418323688190058/

  • Before & with Visi Weight Loss down 32 pounds~ Love these products & so GRATEFUL that this business & blessing came into my life~

    Tammy Broen, Facebook.com/groups/418323688190058/

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